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Reasons Why Teambuilding is Important




Success Starts with a Shared Vision and Building Teamwork 


Prospective clients or event planners often wonder why teambuilding is important. 

When working to create a solid and successful culture of teamwork in any organization, I believe that there is a need to establish trust amongst team members.  This begins with learning to communicate effectively and appreciate teammate strengths...

You may have heard of groups enjoying superior success because of concerted team efforts, but have you ever experienced it? That sense of unity is one of the most powerful feelings you could enjoy, and is avaialble to those who inspire group focus and a commitment to building teamwork through experiential activities and challenges.

Motivational team training workshops that use experiential activities are proven to be the single most effective way to increasing success and group effort, whether it is for your classroom, your business or your athletes. It has been proven that TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES are the Most Effective way to reduce stress, ensure group focus, improve attitudes and get your group to learn how to work together toward team goals.

So, if you wonder why teambuilding is important, let me assure you...


TEAMBUILDING is a GREAT TOOL to help your people:   why_teambuilding_is_important


       ...adapt to change, 


       ...improve attitudes & reduce stress,


       ...share laughter and smiles, 

  together with renewed group focus





Nobody in your organization wants to sit passively through a high-priced guru's lecture or theories about teamwork.  A Great Results event is a unique mixture of hands-on and out-of-your-chair interactive fun, paired with an impactful debriefing session to connect lessons to your specific situation.  Everyone involved will leave energized with laughter, and will (even more importantly) be able to immediately apply the insights to improve your organizational culture and productivity.

When change occurs in any organization (school administration, office management, or coaching staff) there is always a need to focus on building teamwork and clarifying team goals to build trust and morale that will ultimately help your group focus on reaching team goals - which is always an opportunity for improvement and growth!  


How does teamwork affect our bottom-line productivity?

Experiential Teambuilding challenges are fun, memorable, and effective tools for quickly improving your team's trust and accountability - they foster relationships and develop leadership skills... and provide a tremendous return on your investment! 

*According to The Wisdom of Teams (Katzenbach & Smith), a General Electric plant located in North Carolina "now runs without supervisors and has reduced costs by more than 30 percent, shortened delivery cycles from three weeks to three days, and reduced customer complaints by a factor of ten."


*A PBS series from a few years ago, titled "Learning in America," reported on school faculty members who were teamed with visionary principals who emphasized collaboration and teamwork with the goal of turning around four low-performing schools across the country that had disadvantaged populations. Sample results shared by the different schools included tremendous successes, such as:

  - Student attendance rose from being consistently low to an impressive 98%. 

  - Standardized test scores from 6th-graders went from the 44th percentile to 97th

  - Students at or above their math grade level went from under 50% to over 90%. 



 *       *       *


         Teambuilding is Great for Building Trust and Accountability!


Trust is only established incrementally  when team members allow themselves to become
vulnerable and accepting of teammate comments, and instead of wasting energy
protecting egos or emotions, they all commit to achieving the team's identified goal...


Accountability is claimed by individuals when they accept roles and those expectations
are published and measured regularly. This demands that team members recognize the
tremendous power of peer pressure and their responsibility to engage in positive conflict
when teammates are not meeting those published standards...




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