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Top 7 Reasons to Hire Sean Glaze



Struggling to get your people to collaborate or accept roles

Is group morale low?  Having trouble focusing on objectives?

Individuals not pulling togetherThen Sean is your guy!

Why Hire Sean Glaze to Reach Your Team Goals?

1.  Because Teambuilding Activities are the surest way to establish more group trust and cohesiveness - and Sean makes sure that your participants are engaged and enjoying the activities so they can benefit from the take-aways. 
2. Because Morale increases as relationships improve - and Sean will inspire more effective communication and give your team opportunities to work and succeed together.
3. Because the paired and group challenges your team members will face are powerful metaphors for their daily interactions, and they become a catalyst for leadership and help to facilitate better behaviors among your people!
4. Because your group has not reached its potential, and you know that when They All Get On Board And Start Rowing together, they will really be dangerous.  Sean's events provide a significant return on your investment and Improve Your Bottom Line.
5. Because you will speak directly to Sean as your trainer,so there are no sales middle men or commissions.  He provides you a summary of activities and an all-inclusive quote, brings all required equipment to your location, then leaves your people with smiles and insights that will change your team culture.
6. Because after working with teams for over twenty years, Sean has identified the Major Factors that improve teamwork and has the Experience, Activities and Energy to help transform your group into a WINNING TEAM!      
7. Because you're tired of looking around for something else that will be twice as expensive and not half as fun and impactful, and you are ready to secure a date for your group's Teambuilding Event RIGHT NOW!



To build GREAT TEAMS, you as a leader must be willing to allow them TIME and  OPPORTUNITY to grow together into a cohesive and focused TEAM.
GREAT RESULTS TEAMBUILDING will help facilitate that process of building strong team traits with engaging, fun, challenging, and unique activities that not only get your group working together, but bring about an awareness of the need for better communication to grow closer to each other and achieve significant success!





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