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Are you ready to catapult your team culture and performance to the next level?
A number of programs, high school and college, lack the budget to afford a speaker travel in person for an event.  So, to provide an effective and affordable alternative to a live message, I have developed a series of "TeamSkype" meetings, where I can share a message and facilitate a short activity and debriefing conversation with high school and small college programs seeking to build a stronger team culture. 

Each "TeamSkype" virtual seminar will last about 40-45 minutes.
Your team will recieve handouts that they can use to take notes during the message, and will then work together through an accompanying fun and memorable team building activity to ensure the ideas and information is internalized. 
Sean has developed impactful seminar lessons that can be shared with and applied by any team at various times during your season to emphasize and address the specific topics that your team needs - and he can create and deliver other custom messages and activities based upon your situation after consulting with you about your athletes
This is a tremendous opportunity to help your team experience season-changing (and life-changing) messages that will have a huge positive impact on your group's awareness, cohesiveness, and performance.
Interested in improving your team with "TeamSkype" seminars?

Here are three popular seminar topics to grow your team:


What do you say to yourself?
To your teammates?
How do you say it?
This virtual seminar introduces your team to the most positive and productive ways to communicate - both internally and with their teammates.  Sean's message will include steps to build confidence, how to frame your comments to teammates for maximum impact, and the importance of assumed intentions.
The included activity will be determined by your group needs... 




What are the three things that build trust?
What should you focus on to quickly accept your role?
How should team contributions be ?

This virtual seminar introduces your team to the most important building blocks of any relationship - trust.  Sean's message will focus on the one thing that destroys team cohesivesness  (and it is NOT disagreement).  Your team will most importantly be able to identify their own specific and indispensable role to feel like a contributing part of something greater than themselves. 
The included activity will be determined by your group needs...


What is the difference between mistakes and bad decisions?
How do you efffectively move on to the "next play?"
What is the one-word definition of toughness?
This "TeamSkype" virtual seminar teaches your team to handle adversity and bounce beyond mistakes to perform at a high level under pressure.  More importantly, it provides each of your athletes the tools to focus on the moment and move past mistakes with simple mental and physical cues. 
The included activity will be determined by your group needs...

teamskype_topic_conversations_with_sean_speaking HOW DOES IT WORK?

It is really very simple...
You will need to secure a room at your location with a laptop, an internet conection, and a smartboard hook-up. 
If you do not have a Skype account, you will need to register for one and share it with Sean prior to your first event date.  
But that is pretty much it - as long as your team has room and can see and hear the screen (we will test your equipment before the event),  they will be able to participate and experience the message, interacting with eah other as Sean facilitates the virtual seminar from Atlanta!
(You may also need to be able to move the chairs / tables to create some movement space, depending upon Sean's choice of experiential team activities)

 Each "TeamSkype" virtual Seminar Will Consist of:

... A 15-20 minute motivational message on your requested topic

... A 10-15 minute activity with team interaction and discussion

... A 5-10 minute review of insights and commitment to action


Good Question...
Sean's fee for a half-day corporate team building event, with travel and other expenses included, is usually well over $2000, depending upon the size of the group.  Your athletes will be enjoying many of the same experiences from the comfort of your own location without the expense of Sean needing to travel there.
You can choose any of the following packages:

- a 2 seminar package (1 preseason and 1 mid season session) is $650


- a 3 seminar package (1 preseason, 1 mid season, and 1 as a playoff push) is $850

- a 4 seminar package (1 preseason, 2 mid season, and 1 as a playoff push) is $950




If you are committed to improving your team,

contact Sean to learn more and secure your dates!  





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