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 Fistitude - A Powerful Parable for Leading any Team to Success                   fititude_amazon_cover

The men’s basketball team from a small private high school finds itself struggling 

through a dreary season, when their coach is called away to attend to a family

member’s illness. Enter a wise and mysterious janitor, who not only accepts the

reins of leadership for the team during that absence, but soon becomes a mentor

to the team, especially to a talented young man named Matthew, who is essentially

raising himself after he and his father moved into town...


Through a series of five lessons woven into the frustrations and excitement of the

season, the janitor offers wisdom on team leadership that corresponds to each finger

in a fist, and helps the team to accomplish their goals and become leaders themselves.


This is a compelling story that illustrates how ONE PERSON CAN INFLUENCE A TEAM!


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Praise for Fistitude:


“Sean has done a masterful job of delivering a powerful message in a delightful story.  This parable helps us all become more aware of the importance of relationships and leadership in shaping the success of any team.”

 -Cory Dobbs, Ed.D.President & Founder of The Academy for Sport Leadership


Fistitude is a phenomenal story that any coach or player can relate to.  More importantly, it hammers home a fundamental list of practical ways to succeed on and off the court.  I read it cover to cover in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it… If you love basketball, you’ll love Fistitude!”

-Alan Stein,


“What a GREAT BOOK!  After reading the first 5 pages I had to stop and go get my highlighter.  FISTITUDE is a MUST READ for anyone in a leadership position.  After reading it and sharing it with your team leader I promise you will be able to get your team rowing in the same direction towards a common goal.”

-Terry Fowler, UNA Women’s Head Basketball Coach



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This team leadership book shares valuable lessons for athletes, but the ideas are useful

for building leadership in any field.  If you are a member ofany team, this story is for you -

it is an inspiring guide to overcome adversity and lead from wherever you are...



Inspire Team Leadership With Fistitude!  




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 FISTITUDE - Five Lessons for Leading Any Team to Success

This team leadership book is a compelling story that illustrates how ONE person can influence and inspire any team.  lt is also available as an engaging presentation on the importance of perseverance and how teams or individuals can overcome the obstacles in their  path and keep focused  firmly on desired results.  If your motivation or group morale is down, this speech will ignite your group with enthusiasm and a renewed passion to handle any adversity. 

Every organization or business finds itself in adversity at times, and this is a message for groups needing team leadership through difficulty or change. It will drive home the message that successful people understand the importance of vision and "rebounding."



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