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Interactive and Inspiring Leadership Messages to Improve Teamwork

Sean_Glaze_Demo_Video_ThumbnailAre you searching for an inspiring team building speaker to improve teamwork with a fun interactive leadership message at your next conference or group event? 
Click to view Sean's Demo video - he delivers more than just a speech for his clients - sharing engaging stories, powerful content, and interactive examples that truly impact your people.
Each of his entertaining keynotes share memorable examples and take-aways that will improve teamwork, develop leadership awareness, and inspire your group!

Sean prepares a customized message and shares relevant examples of the best practices for teamwork and team leadership, and then inspires your group to apply those insights to their specific situation.  Each of his entertaining messages will equip and encourage your group to overcome adversity with simple powerful action steps!

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Ready to add a fun and engaging presentation to your next event? 
Sean is a low-maintenance and high-impact speaker who will engage and entertain your people with laugh-out-loud activities that deliver relevant and powerful content. 
His presentations do more than just inform... 
Sean will inspire your group to:

                       - Have FUN while learning             - Communicate effectively
                       - Overcome adversity                     - Claim accountability
                       - Adapt to change                           - Lead from where they are!

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You can also find a description of his most requested team leadership topics below.  Every message can be adapted to your specific organizational situation, and Sean uses a pre-event questionnaire to help him customize his message to your audience and needs.  Whether as a 20 minute motivational pregame talk or a 60-90 minute teambuilding or leadership keynote presentation, all provide an insightful and inspiring experience that will boost morale and emphasize powerful action steps to help your people to see obstacles as opportunities and to lead from where they are.

The true value of a teamwork speaker is found in his ability to improve morale and productivity weeks after the speaking engagement. Your people will refer to and benefit from the motivational stories and action steps much longer than that - and as an organizer or leader, inspiring their growth creates your success!  



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Which of Sean's Team Building Messages

Will Most Benefit YOUR Group?



 Create Competitive Advantage with a Culture of Continuous Improvement
Stay_Coachable_Book_CoverBeing coachable is a skill.  As an administrator, coach, or manager in any field, if your people are not coachable they will never reach their potential.  When someone on your team stops improving, it is likely because they are missing one of the key ingredients of a coachable person.  Leaders who are serious about helping their organization grow and perform at its best must FIRST focus on every team member valuing the process of individual improvement.  
This energizing message shares the four keys to being a better teammate and offers examples to illustrate how coachable people move past frustration to improve themselves!  Tired of your present plateau and ready to supercharge your performance?  The best way to develop your team is to improve yourself, and this talk shares the four part cycle for continuous improvement. [focus on competitive advantage]



The Incredible Impact of One Person With Passion

This is an inspiring presentation that shares how ONE person can influence and inspire an entire team.  It illustrates the importance of perseverance and how both individuals and teams can overcome adversity and keep focused  firmly on desired results.  If your group motivation or morale is down, this speech will ignite your team leadership with enthusiasm and a renewed passion to "lead from where they are."  
Everybody has a leadership role.  Even when you don’t have the title of a position, you can influence and lead with passion.  This is a five step process for success that will teach your people how to lead positively from where they are. [focus on customer service, making a difference]  



The Essential Ingredients of a GREAT Team and How to Enjoy the Journey 

RAPID_TEAMWORK_COVER_2013_BLUEAs a successful coach and teamwork speaker, I have researched and enjoyed the experience of "turning around" programs and transforming struggling groups into more productive and committed teams. 
This message shares the ingredients that ALL great teams share, and will inspire your group to apply those insights.  Leadership is influence, and this message will supercharge morale by teaching how to create a culture of teamwork.  Your people will leave with a clear, compelling focus and more effective communication.  If you are in a position of leadership and tasked with building cohesiveness and productivity, this talk shares the five phase roadmap that leaders can use in order to bring people together and transform your group into a great team.  [focus on employee engagement]




 How to Maintain Your Positive Team Culture and Momentum 

This message is perfect for teams who have been together for a while and need an energizing kick-start, or for leaders who need to ensure their current high-performing team maintains their positive momentum.  In the midst of team struggles or stress, it will be your proactive focus on the three important R's that keep your team functioning well together.  

From dealing with team personalities to inspiring and challenging your people to remain engaged in their roles, this motivational speech will share the tools and information needed to create and sustain the success and significance you want from the team you have.  Your audience will laugh while learning how to overcome forever the danger of excuses, how to carve the clutter out of their life, and how to build deeper relationships and a sense of ownership.    
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Still not sure which keynote message is right for your group? 
That's okay!  Based on your conference theme, your audience, and your desired outcomes, Sean can suggest the perfect presentation and customize it for your group.
For business-related presentations, Sean will inform your audience of the resource handouts such as his “Ladder of Collaboration” and “Team Communication Chart” on his website, and will bring a few books along to give away as door prizes.

With your permission, he can also have his books and audio CDs available for sale (or pre-sold at a bulk discount price) to audience members following his program. Since Sean is unable to share all of his insights in one presentation, making the books available is a great way to ensure that Sean’s message has a lasting impact.


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When you book Sean as your teamwork speaker, he will
customize the engaging message for your group...  




  *Make the message even more impactful and help your  people internalize and apply Sean's ideas

by scheduling a Breakout Workshop that focuses on the same topic!






A fifty percent (50%) deposit is required to confirm your booking for Sean's speaking engagements, 

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