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Teacher Team Building Events Improve Faculty Morale

Team building for teachers is an important part of any staff development plan, as it provides the time and opportunity to boost morale and recharge your staff, creating a more positive school culture.  When laughter and teamwork are encouraged, it promotes a far better learning environment for your students. 

Using faculty team building activities as part of your preplanning or inservice days is VITAL to growing a supportive environment of high expectations and creative teaching. Whether you have a staff of 20 or over 200, a faculty team building event or
team training workshop is a fun way to build cohesiveness AND help your faculty to:

        ~ see things with a new  perspective
        ~ adapt to change with improved teacher morale
        ~ laugh out loud and have fun while learning
        ~ build trust and boost faculty collaboration


Other Benefits of Team Building for Teachers...

teacher_teambuilding_funI bring a special appreciation of professional development and faculty team building, having taught in public schools for 20 years. Your educators have doubtless endured past "boring" staff development presentations - and I guarantee you that the engaging activities and information I provide will inspire staff participation, learning - and laughter!

Just as students with different learning styles love to be involved in kinesthetic learning, so also do your people, as educators, need to experience activities instead of being tortured by powerpoint.  Let them enjoy a dynamic speaker instead of being spoon-fed information passively from their seats. 

Because of my experiences, I better understand your situation and can provide both relevant and enjoyable team building for teachers - or deliver a powerful school staff development workshop as a dynamic speaker that will have a lasting impact on your teacher morale and your overall school performance!



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Professional Development Activities

Fun school staff development interactive activities will improve their communication and create bonding experiences that allow your teacher morale to grow toward meeting an identified school-wide goal and enhancing individual leadership skills.

Your teachers will laugh together while learning and experiencing
activities they can take back to class! Jigsaw Activities, Debates, Think/Pair/Share, and Role Playing, are just a few of the teaching strategies often used successfully to accomplish the exact same goal of all great teachers - getting students involved by experiencing the lesson so they understand, remember and have more FUN...

...and my experience as a dynamic speaker, with an entertaining combination of ice-breakers and faculty teambuilding in a creative professional development workshop will
reawaken the spirit of enthusiasm that inspired them to start teaching. 

They will actually ENJOY professional development that can be carried back to their classroom to inspire student involvement

Each of your teacher team building activities end with a debriefing discussion where your staff applies the teamwork lessons from our teambuilding activities to your specific situation. As your dynamic speaker, I will leave your staff with smiles and new ideas!




Experiential Learning is an Effective Tool for Your Classrooms

Give your faculty EFFECTIVE new tools...
Still wonder why team building is effective? Because experiential TEACHER TEAM BUILDING presentations are interactive and research-based to build teacher morale and improve staff teamwork!

     "Our group really had a great time, and enjoyed the hands-on

     movement activities the most... I believe they have learned more

     than they realize and will be able to apply the principles to their

     daily instruction. It was a great success!!!"

     - Teacher, Commerce High School



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