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Improve Office Morale and Leadership Skills...

The benefits that a business teambuilding event offers are numerous. 
Productivity in your office or organization is impacted tremendously by the quality of the relationships, teamwork skills, and vision your people share. As a leader, if a group is not working up to its potential - or if you are planning to throw a diverse set of individuals together for an important project - the rapport, trust, and focus that business teambuilding provides are all necessary ingredients that promote office morale, productivity, and enthusiasm!

Great Results Business Team Building Clients often call with one of these situations:
  • We have an annual meeting coming up soon, and I'm looking for a fun, interactive way to engage our participants.  Can you tie in specfic learning objectives with your business teambuilding activities?
  • Our quarterly meetings are usually dry.  We need more energy and cohesiveness...  Can you make the meeting more lively, help us build relationships among stakeholders, and still ensure that the teaching points are shared as part of the event?
       ...the answer is YES!  (We Connect Silos and Reduce Workplace Conflict!)
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If you have worked for any duration with a corporate organization, you may be familiar with the term "Silo".  A study by Industry Week found "silos" (groups whose lack of communication creates workplace conflict challenges such as low morale and workers feeling disconnected) are the biggest hindrance to corporate productivity.  
A more recent American Management Association survey shows that 83 percent of executives said silos existed in their companies - and 97 percent feel they have a negative effect on morale and productivity.

Teambuilding is not the tearing down of "silos," but a fun and effective way to build MORE quality connections and communication amongst all people and departments! 
A business teambuilding event will improve your office morale and cohesiveness, but also can provide useful insights for team development and offer individual leadership applications that your people will benefit from the very next day!
Your group's productivity and success depends upon their ability to build trust, communicate more effectively, and laugh together while reducing workplace conflict - to establish a shared vision and purpose...
So how do you create those stronger connections and build your office morale and trust?
The answer is one of our team development training worhsops or impactful teambuilding event!


Did You Know? 


Organizations that communicate effectively are 4.5x more likely to retain the best people.

         -Watson Wyatt (worldwide consulting firm)

U.S. companies lose $3 billion a year to the effects of negative attitudes at work.

         -The Bureau of Labor Statistics

60% of executives listed lack of collaboration as one of their top leadership challenges.

         -American Management Association




You put your people in TEAMS to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS....

                   Sean will help you build a more Productive TEAM

Improve teamwork skills with a fun business teambuilding event or breakout workshop adapted especially to impact your group's productivity - It will boost your office morale & inspire leadership skills development. Your group will be energized with a motivational presentation or teamwork training workshop that provides results!

What you will enjoy afterwards is a focused team ready to tackle their goals with improved office morale - facilitated in a learn-by-doing, fun, and memorable format. 
All engaging and enjoyable business teambuilding activities are followed by a debriefing discussion where your people will apply the lessons to your specific situation.


We offer the Following Solutions for Business Teambuilding:




    *CUSTOM Programs Avaliable According to YOUR Needs!


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