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Preseason Challenges Develop Leadership and Better Teamwork

Whether you re looking for a preseason athletic team building event or an in-season group event to energize your athletes and address specific teamwork issues, a day of challenging team activities can have a tremendous impact on the leadership and choesiveness in your program.  Probably more than from any area,  athletic experiences and examples have served our culture as a warehouse for nostalgia and life-long lessons of effort, mental toughness, inter-depence, and leadership.

It is my nearly 20 years of experience in working with competitive teams that resulted in my turning to athletic team building preseason activities as a facilitator, and there are truly many lessons that businesses take from the hardwood, or gridiron, or baseball diamond to improve self talk and accountability.   

It took years for me to recognize that teamwork, mental toughness and self talk are FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the X's and O's that I spent so much time with, and I was amazed to see the impact and results that athletic team building, shared team goals, or a motivational speaker could have on transforming athletes into a committed team with stronger leadership and a true shared purpose who cared for their teammates. 





Teamwork is about relationships, commitment, and accountability -  and those values will remain with your athletes long after their uniform is returned.  While giving yourself a more successful season, you are giving them the tools for a more successful and significant life by introducing them to steps that will improve their mental toughness, create better self talk, and promote team accountability. 

Performing well requires better teamwork - and even when some don't get the spotlight of recognition, they are there making team successes possible.  The greatest thing you can become a small contributing part of SOMETHING GREATER than yourself. 

Get Your Team TaIking...bodyguard_team_activity

I assure you that new drill or offense you have been watching on video's or going to clinics to discover will NEVER have half the impact of a preseason  athletic team building event where your athletes improve team leadership skills and learn to trust one another.
Give your athletes a chance to create stronger bonds while becoming more aware of the strengths and personalities of those they will be depending on.

GREAT RESULTS wait on the other side of your decision to book Sean to facilitate your group's growth with challenging and fun activities that provide lasting lessons!


Create a Winning Culture!

"Just wanted to let you know how we did this season. We won the East Division Championship with

a 12-0 divisional record.  Finished 21-6 and qualified for the NCAA tournament for the first time

in 17 years.  I really feel like our team building we did with you helped our team...  and allowed everyone

to express their thoughts.  You were a big part of our success!"                   

                                                                         - Head Coach, UNA Women's Basketball




Overcome Adversity and Develop Mental Toughness

The athletic team building games your athletes will experience during a preseason or mid-season event are each designed to inspire mental toughness, accountability, and problem-solving, and will also help to identify and improve team leadership skills in those you will depend on throughout your season.  

Every year brings adversity, but the interactive activities and group challenges your team will experience with me as your facilitator or motivational speaker will  prepare them to move beyond adversity to achieve your goals with better teamwork.

All mental toughness and team trust building activities are followed up by a debriefing discussion where your people apply the lessons to their specific situation.  And most importantly, we will discuss team goals and roles, peer accountability, and the effect of self talk on performance...



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