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You may want to add these to your reading list...
Each of these titles is a collection of "Brief and Essential" Insights for Improving Group Performance.
"Brief," because they include articles that are from 1-4 pages each.
"Essential," because they will help you build a more productive team.
Do you have people in your group who seem discouraged?
    - Find the cure on page 35 of Leading Teams!

Struggling to explain  the difference between expectation and goals?

    - Find the answer on page 87 of Leading Teams 2!
Whether you need the secret to inspiring accountability or the three part recipe for creating trust quickly, these books are full of helpful examples and encouraging advice that will make you a better team leader.
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Each is a collection of 40 short articles and ideas to assist leaders
just like you in engaging people and improving performance.
Loaded with energizing ideas to boost morale and create connections
across your organization, it shares helpful reminders to establish
and maintain a culture of effective communication.



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