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Great Results offers:

  - Interactive Teambuilding Events for Athletes, Teachers, and Corporate Groups

  - An Engaging Teambuilding Speaker for Keynotes or Conference Sessions

  - Powerful Team Personality Type Assessments to Improve Group Interactions

  - Convenient and Impactful Two Hour Training Workshops to Boost Productivity


We will identify what event activities would be best to improve your team situation when we talk.  It may honestly be that you are looking in the wrong place...  But your specific needs will determine the best program to help you get GREAT RESULTS!


The list is always growing, but a sample schedule may include:

marble pipeline         face to face                   card architects               perception cards
balloon race              group pull-ups               label stick-ups                 back talk
rank 'em                    rope star                        helium stick                   tennis ball transport
honesty circle            near and far                  jumbled pictures            hoop relay
penny dropper           mouse trap                   cup of compliments        disappearing chairs
bodyguard                 scavenger hunt             teammate trivia              compass walk
all aboard                  choose ten                    welded ankles                switch / change  

These and other activities are designed to build upon each other and will be modified to address your situation and enhance group performance with your desired outcomes...



When we talk, I will be able to determine which of the above activities are best suited to your group's size and needs.  The team building proposal I will send to you following our conversation will provide you with more details about the unique and challenging team development activities that would be included in your customized event...
BUT - If you are just looking for an idea or two to try on your own, here are a couple of easy and fun activities that you can use with your group:
1) For a small group...
Many people may have experienced the "Human Knot" Activity.  It is a great ice-breaker and serves as a good introduction for teamwork and leadership discussions for small to average sized teams.

Have your people (best in groups of 6-15 people) gather facing each other. Have the group members join hands. Hands should be crossed and jumbled as much as possible. No one should have a free hand. Once all the hands are joined the moderator instructs the participants to unscramble themselves (form a complete and unbroken circle) without letting go of the person's hands they are holding. It may seem impossible at first, but with some thought and planning it can always be done. Members of the circle may end up looking outward, which is okay. This activity can be quite a bit like the game Twister. You can also add a level of difficulty by instructing the participants to complete this task without talking!
2) For a large group...
It is often both enjoyable and enlightening for organizations to experience the "Contagious Chants" Activity.  It is a nice mid-program challenge that often leads to both laughs and deep discussions for groups of 20 or more.  Have each person think of a short phrase, word, or sound that they will be able to repeat over and over. These sounds can come from common sources like movies, TV shows, or commercials or they can be original sounds. On the command of “chant,” everybody starts to mingle around the room repeating their personal word, sound or phrase. When two individuals (or groups of people) meet, one of two things can happen:

1) One person (or group) adopts the other person’s sound by making the sound and linking arms with him/her; or  

2) A new sound is created through combining the two different sounds. The group then links arms, makes the new sound, and then goes to find other groups to meet. No talking can take place during a meeting; only the sounds can be made.

Stop the activity when the group is making only one sound, or a number of different sounds are being made. Allow time for the group to hear all the surviving sounds if you stop the game when multiple sounds are being made by multiple groups.

Applications and Connections:

 a) How does this activity mirror the purpose of our group?

b) What “sound” is being made by our group? By our school? Organization?

c) If our team wanted people to hear only one message, what would it be?

 d) In life, what influences our decisions to change or not change our “sounds?”

e) What are the potential benefits and dangers of everyone making the same “sound?”



 For more sample excercises, visit the Teamwork Resources and Links Page




I charge by the event, and your customized all-inclusive event proposal will be influenced by the number of participants, duration of the event, or type of program desired. 
While other companies charge per person and often add other unexpected fees, I have found that clients appreciate the value and simplicity of my all-inclusive team building or speaking event quotes.  My fee covers all participant handouts and equipment, which I will bring with me to the event location, and is almost always much less than competitior fees - although the results you enjoy will be great!




While you may have team building questions about the impact of an event, I guarantee you will see a change in your people immediately, and, more importantly, the GREAT RESULTS will last and improve group performance. 
Helping your team enjoy better interactions and cohesiveness is why I became a team building speaker and facilitator.  Morale will improve, and the customized activities and insights they experience will be something your team can remember and apply (with a smile) to real situations.  In fact:

                       “Videos, textbooks, manuals, online training, and other modes of education do not

                        deliver a return on investment by themselves... On the other hand, statistics show 

                        that experiential learning has a 42:1 return on investment.”

                        Rick Weaver - "The Number One Way To Learn." (2006)



Yes, if your chosen location is outside a reasonable driving distance.  I prefer to make my own travel arrangements, but assure you I will respect your budget like my own.

As soon as I have all of your information and prepare a tentative schedule for the event, I will send you an all-inclusive event proposal that you can fax back with a signature for confirmation.  All travel fees will be included in the proposal and event fee I will share with you, and you NEVER have to worry about add-ons or unexpected incidentals.



It is my pleasure to prepare and deliver all necessary equipment and handle all set-up at your location or at the off-site “retreat” location you choose.  Whether it’s a full day of teambuilding or a short  set of energizing ice-breakers at your next conference, when you engage Great Results you don’t have to worry about anything!
Once you have decided on a location, I will provide engaging activities and challenges that involve your whole group, energize your audience, and then connect every activity to learning insights that achieve the outcomes you have identified! 
You will find that Great Results Team Building Events give your people “something different,” and your event will be fun, inclusive, and impactful!  Your group will enjoy exciting and innovative team building activities tailored for your organization that will powerfully illustrate the importance of stronger teams, and a cohesive culture.



The truth is, "it depends on what your organization needs..."
Event fees start around $1600 for a half-day (3.5 hour) teambuilding event, and increase depending upon the duration, group size, and type of event or speaking engagement.  These team building fee amounts may also be modified depending upon compensation arrangements or prior bookings. (Discounts are available for repeat clients!)
Travel expenses and off-site location rental, if applicable, would each be additional expenses and will appear on the ALL-INCLUSIVE proposal I provide.  Every event includes a preliminary group assessment as well as a follow-up discussion at an appropriate time after your event and up to three months of email consultation.  Pre-assessment discussions will best determine the event proposal that will be most beneficial to improve group performance in your specific situation...

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Sean is ready to transform your group into a more productive team with the fun teambuilding event or engaging speaking topic that will most benefit your people... He inspires groups to work together as a cohesive team, which increases morale and gets the team to focus, accept roles, and collaborate...

Your bottom line will be impacted by a new team energy - whether you are looking for more productivity in business, increased teacher collaboration, or better athletic team performance.  



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