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Two Hour Team Leadership and Training Workshops


Convenient Workshops Designed Specifically to Focus on Your Team Needs

Sean offers a number of focused two hour team training workshps that address specific issues or needs based on your situation.  Many clients choose to include one of these ias part of their full-day event program or as a breakout session following one of Sean's keynotes to ensure that their teams benefit from the take-aways and knowedge they want to emphasize. 
Each Two Hour Team Training workshop can be delivered on your conference site or normal work location, and provides a convenient and powerful boost to your team's productivity.  Choose one of the below workshop topics as a stand-alone training session for your management team, or as part of your upcoming annual training conference plans to ensure your people truly enjoy and are impacted by their leadership development experience. 
Ready to help your group to build connections, boost morale, and become better teammates?
Look over the topics below, and then contact Sean to schedule a training experience that will energize your people and equip them with the tools to work together with greater purpose and productivity 


disc_animal_puzzle_image     Identify the Animals in Your Group

     (Fun personality styles inventory to inspire awareness)




island_bridge     Vision, Mission, Tasks, and Times

     (Building a bridge to connect goals to process plans)




process_improvement_training_logo     Connect the Dots for Easy Process Improvement  

     (Clarifying team roles and removing obstacles in your organization)




trust_2_hour_training     Create a Culture of Team Trust

     (Producing and maintaining positive assumptions)





rewards_eat_cake     Enjoy Some Cake Along the Way

     (Celebrating success and rewarding what you want to see repeated)






     Develop People With Effective Feedback

     (Launching a process for authentic and ongoing evaluations)






virtues_and_values_2_hr_training     Define Core Team Virtues and Values

     (Emphasiziing behaviors that will build your ideal team culture)






stay_coachable_2_hr_training      Inspire Your People to Stay Coachable

      (Implementing a cycle of continuous personal improvement)





  -           -            -             -            -



exp_learning_2_hr_training     Add Experiential Activities to Your Teaching Toolbox

     (Engaging students with more effective and interactive learning)  

     *for School Staff Development Events




*          *          *


Two hour team training workshops are a tremendus catalyst for your team.

Each traning topic will help participants to become a more connected and proactive

member of your organization.  The brevity of each session makes them convenient,

and the impact of the take-aways will be both powerful and lasting



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