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Use Whiteboard Comments to Improve Team Focus and Feelings

team_whiteboard_commentsDo some of the people on your team need an encouraging word?

Do your people need reminders of their role and why they are valued members of the team?

As a leader, you should always be searching for creative and fun ideas that emphasize two key ingredients to your team success – focus and feelings.

First, help people focus on what they can contribute to help your team accomplish its goal.

Second, you want to be sure that they feel appreciated for their contributions.

One way to do that is the “index card roles and needs” activity that is part of my free report, Three Powerful Team Activities to Create a More Cohesive Culture!

I am excited, though, to share a similar and very fun activity that you can have your team try that can have a huge positive impact on both the focus and the feelings of each individual member.

It is called the Whiteboard Comments Activity.

You will need a chair, a large whiteboard, and a collection of 3-4 whiteboard markers for your team to use.  The whiteboard activity is best with the board mounted on a wall, as in a classroom. 

The activity is simple and powerful.

YBegin by simply asking one team member to sit in the “comment collection chair” while their teammates write one comment each.  Your directions to the commenters should sound something like this:

“While your teammate is sitting in the comment collection chair, your job is to think of one comment that describes what that person does well or what you most admire about him / her.”

That’s it.

Only 2-3 teammates will be able to write at the same time, but you will want to ask the person sitting in the chair to look ahead and NOT peek at the board until everyone has finished writing.

When every teammate has written a positive description of the person seated, take a picture of them and the surrounding collection of comments.

Whether you use plain black and white, or choose to make the comments a vibrant mix of colors, the pictures can be shared and printed and saved as a reminder of what each person is valued for.

This is a great exercise for building a sense of appreciation among the group, and also serves as a confidence booster for each individual to see themselves surrounded by the positive comments that their team provided.

You should plan on spending 45-60 minutes to get through a team of around 12 people.

As a team building facilitator, I love finding and sharing ideas like this one.  And if your group needs to boost morale or improve communication, there are a number of fun activities and group challenges that your team will enjoy as part of a team development event.

If you are looking for conference ideas, consider an interactive afternoon leadership message to energize people at your next corporate event.

Whatever your situation, if ever I can assist your organization with ideas or events to build a more cohesive and productive team it would be my pleasure to connect with you.


Lead your team!


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Kyle Ohman Wednesday, 08 January 2014

That is a great idea. It is a group activity that gets everybody fired up, but also the picture can be used for later on if a team member is feeling under appreciated. Thanks for the idea and the article!

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Guest Friday, 31 October 2014

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