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Top Ten Leadership Songs for Your iPhone Playlist

top_ten_leadership_songs_for_iphoneThis list of top ten leadership songs for your iPhone playlist is meant as a starting point for you to later identify other songs that offer interesting and relevant lessons or insights for leaders.

Songs are a powerful tool to communicate messages or ideas, and as a leader this list seeks to share a collection of leadership “musts” for you to consider.

If your iPhone lacks any of these, I encourage you to add them to your playlist…


10. You Really Got Me by Van Halen

(leadership must capture the commitment and passion of their team)

9. Walk This Way by Run D.M.C.

(leadership must define cultural norms and expectations)

8. Reach Out I'll Be There by The Four Tops

(leadership must always encourage risk and be sure to assure the team members that they are there for support when needed)

7. Let It Be by The Beatles

(leadership must be careful not to micromanage their people)

6. Dream On by Aerosmith

(leadership must provide an inspiring vision for the team to pursue)

5. Don't Be Cruel by Elvis Presley

(leadership must be a positive and optimistic voice to loyal workers)

4. Won't Get Fooled Again by The Who

(leadership must recognize and admit failures to keep from repeating them)

3. The Times They Are A-changin' by Bob Dylan

(leadership must keep up with technology and trends to stay relevant)

2. You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones

(leadership must adapt resources and project goals based on their situation)

1. One by U2

(leadership must, above all other things, seek to create a culture of cohesiveness and unity with a compelling common goal to keep everyone focused and engaged)


...Again, these leadership songs and lessons are meant as a beginning for what hopefully will become a powerful and motivational iPhone playlist.  They represent my top ten choices, but yours may contain a very different set of artists.

The important thing as a leader is to define and remind yourself in as many ways as possible what your values and responsibilities are as a team leader.

It is the lead dog who determines the speed and direction of his pack…


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Will C Haymon Jr Friday, 10 May 2013

I love all the songs uniquely inspiring and moving

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Guest Friday, 24 October 2014

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