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In April, Ask Your Team to Reach Even Higher

team_reach_higherTake a few moments to humor me.

Hold your right hand up in the air, and then reach as high as you can.

Now notice where your right hand is.

I bet you can reach higher.

Don’t believe me – just try it.  Extend just a little further.  Stretch yourself.


According to Hallmark, April 14th is national “Reach as High as You Can” day.

But “reach as high as you can” day is only one of dozens of little known official national “days” that have gained a spot on the calendar for various reasons.

And April has a number of those days that are particularly interesting opportunities for teams.

You see, even though April 14th is “reach as high as you can” day, the truth is that we can always reach just a bit higher if someone else encourages us to try.  That is what teammates and coaches are for – to help us set higher expectations and encourage us to do more than we would have on our own.

Who could you encourage to “reach higher” that might help your team perform better?

But that isn’t all.

In fact, April 9 is National “Name Yourself” Day.

What we call ourselves, and what others call us, can have a very powerful impact on our behavior.

Nicknames are important.

So on April 9th, give yourself a new name.  Or think of a more empowering nickname that someone on your team could benefit from.  You might be surprised at how much that little nudge toward a new identity could improve their productivity or attitude!

April is full of great “days” for strengthening your team.

April 16th is “National Stress Awareness” Day.  Is there something that stresses you or your teammates?  There are countless fun ways to relieve stress.  It could be a fun outdoor team building event, or it could simply involve sharing a few jokes, or bringing in a cake to celebrate something silly.

April 23rd is National “Take a Chance” day.

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten.

Try something different on April 23rd.  Change up your team’s daily routine somehow.

The point is to let April be a reminder that you CAN add fun to your workplace.

You CAN have a great time while doing great work.

And if your team has been  caught in a rut of routine conferences or boring speakers, consider the impact that an interactive teamwork speaker or a full day of business team building activities could have on your organizational culture.

Every event I deliver provides loads of laughter – and impactful lessons that your people will take away and be able to apply the very next day.

Take a chance.  Do something to relieve stress.

It may be just the thing you need to help each other reach higher!


I would also be honored if you chose to follow me on twitter or to connect on LinkedIn to get additional information and teamwork resources.  Please let me know if and when there is ever an occasion where i can help you to Lead Your Team...


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