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Who is Sean Glaze?



A Team Builder, Speaker, Facilitator, and Motivator!


Sean Glaze is an author, speaker, and entertaining team builder.
If you want your people engaged and laughing while they learn how to lead from where they are, then Sean is your guy!

Sean is skilled at facilitating fun events that connect your people to their teammates and to their organizational goals.  Just as importantly, he is experienced enough to draw out and discuss any uncomfortable truths your team may need to address.

Leaders contact Sean when they want their people to communicate better, to become more aware of team strengths and roles, or just to have fun and laugh together.  He is an experienced facilitator who provides fun teambuilding events and interactive speaking topics to help struggling groups become more cohesive and productive teams – because every organization can use better teamwork.
As a team builder, Sean has enjoyed motivating athletes and inspiring teams for over 20 years, turning under-achievers into winners  with simple, practical tools and a focus on teambuilding and leadership development.
Along the way, Sean has gained experience with a variety of teams - working as a lifeguard, a bartender, and even a car salesman.  It is his experiences as an educator and basketball coach, though, that provide the valuable examples and powerful insights he now shares to help make corporate and other client groups more successful.    


Sean's many years of working with a wide variety of teams, and learning the value of communicating clear goals, defining roles, and bulding a strong organizational culture, helped him lead struggling basketball programs to tremendous turnarounds and some of the best seasons in their history. 
It is those same principles and shared experiences that will help your group to successfully navigate their own journey in becoming leaders and building a culture of successful teamwork.  Every person in your organization is capable of leadership, and throughout Sean’s team development events and interactive presentations they will each be encouraged to recognize those opportunities and offer their perspectives as part of their role in contributing to the team’s success.
Sean draws on the distilled knowledge from his background as a successful teacher and coach to help school faculties, corporate groups, and university athletic programs improve their team performance with fun and impactful team-building events and speaking topics.
He earned his Bachelors Degree in English at Georgia Southern University, and then added his Masters and Specialist Degrees from Jacksonville State University.  Twice named to "Who's Who Among America's Educators," Sean inspired students and faculty with his enthusiasm and humor as a high school literature teacher.

When he is not on the road inspiring groups to develop rapid teamwork, Sean enjoys being home in Atlanta with his wife Amy, who has spent the last 20 years training him to be a better teammate where it matters most. 
As an experienced coach, author, team speaker, and facilitator, Sean entertains, informs, and influences audiences with a unique blend of dynamic content, interactive activities, and practical action steps.  If you are part of a business, school, or athletic team that needs to improve communication, inspire accountability, energize morale, and transform your group into a more productive team, contact him today!

You may want to consider the following questions so Sean can determine the best event and activities to help your group achieve the reusults you desire:

    - What size group are you working with?
    - What issues / challenges are your group experiencing?

    - What do you most want your group to "take away" from the event?

    - What is your anticipated budget for the event?

    - What date(s) do you have in mind?

    - Where do you want it to take place?


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Sean Glaze is a team builder and motivator. He inspires groups to work together as a team, with increased morale and focus.  Your organization's performance will improve as you build a culture of collaboration.

Whether you are looking for better productivity in business, better teacher teamwork, or better athletic performance, Sean's methods are engaging, enpowering... and they work!





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